Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Pay It Forward Giveaways!

So, I know I've mentioned in the past that I have an odd luck for winning things, right?  Well, it's not seemed to go away.  Recently I entered in a few giveaways from the Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day, just for the heck of it.  I only entered a couple giveaways, the ones I really REALLY liked.  The reason being that I tend to win the stuff I try for, and I didn't want to make it unfair.  I know, it's a snotty assumption, but it proves itself every time.  And it did again!  I managed to win an absolutely gorgeous necklace from Fab handmade:

I chose the one on the left, but aren't they all gorgeous!?!

And it just so happens that she has another super adorable giveaway going on right now through tomorrow!  Go to her winter giveaway here and enter to win some super adorable earrings, all you have to do is follow her blog. 

And just today, I woke up to find out that I won my absolute favorite of the giveaways, this beautifully happy purse from Hey Fish Studio:
Eeek, isn't it gorgeous?!?!
She doesn't presently have another giveaway going right now, but she does have an Etsy shop here with some pretty adorable little bags that you know you (or someone you love) totally should have.  Go there now!

So that brings me to the next part--If I'm winning all this awesome shit, I should be giving something away too, right?  Right????  So, here you go, I have a few things for you!!!

Giveaway One
First up for you, I'll give one lucky person an awesome pair of black Pro Compression knee socks in S/M:

I have a pair of these in hot pink, and they've been a Godsend for tough recovery runs.  I wore them directly after my Spartan Beast, and I think the only thing that DIDN'T hurt the next day was my calves, because of these socks.

Giveaway Two
The next thing up for grabs is very cool for the traveling type.  It's a bar of JR Liggett's Shampoo with a travel case and face cloth:
Isn't the model adorable? :P
This shampoo is all natural with no harsh additives and you shouldn't need a conditioner with it, plus the carrying case is made of recycled plastic.  Everything in the package is 100% biodegradable!

Giveaway Three
This giveaway is something that I made this morning just for the occasion!  It is an insulated cloth coffee sleeve:
The outer layers are one of my favorite designer fabrics, and the inner layer is a heat-resistant insulation.  Keep this in your purse, and every time you buy a coffee while you're on-the-go, you won't have to waste the extra trash by using one of their sleeves.  Plus, this is way cuter.  And it'll fit every size, since it's got a button/elastic closure.  Win!

Giveaway Four
It wouldn't be a HipFitFam giveaway if I didn't give someone some headbands, right?  Well, here you go.  One lucky person will get two headbands of their choice of fabric, from the options below:

So there you go!  Four fun prizes for four lucky winners!  I'll do a random drawing via on next Wednesday December 19th when I wake up.  All you have to do to enter is live in the continental US and then do one (or both) of these things:

1. Follow this blog.  My following is a bit low right now on Blogger, and I'd love to show up on your blogroll.  It would make me happy!  Leave me a comment here that you're a follower, and you get one entry.

2. Go read this post and tell me HERE about one way in which you've bettered yourself over the past one/five/whatever years.  I love to hear success stories!

REMEMBER:  If your blogger profile is set to private, make sure you leave me a way to get in touch with you, such as your email address written like this:  name at email dot com.  Thanks!!!

And if I DOUBLE my followership on the blog (I'm presently at 43), I'll give away a second set of headbands.  Woohoo!

That's it, easy peasy.  Go win something from me, and be sure to tell your friends!!!


  1. Just logged on and wow, I love this blog site!! I will definitely be following this site more. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

    Fellow Toughie,
    Salisbury, MD

    1. Ooh, I should've mentioned that if your profile is private, make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you (like name @ email dot com). Thanks for following, and I'll update the post now!

  2. Now that my kids are older it is so much easier to take time for myself and exercise, run, bike or whatever. I feel better, I'm more healthy and my kids are active as well!

    (I want those compression socks!!!) :)

  3. In the last 4 years I have bettered myself by losing 90 lbs and going from being a C25k finisher to being a marathoner!

    1. You are supa dupa fantastic Kim, what an inspiration!

  4. I am following you now! :) (LOVE your kitty by the way, I have four kitties, two are orange tabbies).

    I have lost 80lbs over the past 4 years and also became a runner. But beyond that, I've changed so many ways that I had poor thinking about health, fitness, and myself in general. It is okay to think I'm awesome. LOL!

  5. I'm a follower (I think - signed up to follow by email and on Twitter). :)

  6. I didn't realize I wasn't already following your blog, probably because I always see it pop up in my Facebook feed :) Anyway, following now! I have also gone from thinking of running as a punishment to more of a way to feel good and to get out bad energy. I have gone from struggling to run my 1.5 miles for my yearly PT and thinking of 3 miles as a LONG RUN to running a half marathon and training for a second. I am very proud of you and of me!

  7. I started following you a couple weeks ago (but just in case darcy [dot] casavant [at] gmail).

    At the beginning of this year, I was convinced I couldn't run. Thanks to the encouragement of a coworker and my family (and Enell sports bra), I have been running since May. I've done 2 5K races in person (as well as a handful of virtual ones). I'm not fast, but I am persistent.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  8. One way I have bettered myself is by setting a goal and sticking to it! I got on a training schedule, worked hard, and ran my first full marathon 11 days ago!!

  9. I'm a follower! I want to win the cat! (j/k I have my own...)

  10. I used to think that I could get away without eating my vegetables. Now I know how much better I feel when I do!

  11. Now that my kids are a bit more independent, I have been able to take my training up a notch and work towards my goals.

  12. I've bettered myself over the past few years by finding that balance between spending time with my family & taking care of myself. I have figured out how to exercise & eat healthy without impacting family time (or incorporating both together). It's amazing how things suddenly come into perspective when your husband has a heart attack at age 36!

  13. I am a follower :)

  14. I've bettered myself by sticking to a training plan for a year and completing my first Ironman in November!

  15. Ha! Your computer-illiterate mother finally figured out how to officially "follow" your blog, although I have been your biggest fan for about, um, 33 years (almost 34 if you want to count pregnancy).
    As for "bettering" my fitness, yep, I continue to wear myself out at every opportunity. Weekdays I need to boost it up, but weekends are usually filled with extremely hard-core caving, ridgewalking rough terrain, descending and ascending deep cave pits, and kayaking. Approaching 59 years old and having a blast!

  16. I've bettered myself this past year by running 12 half marathons and my first full marathon!

  17. I follow your blog :)

    I've bettered myself this year by realizing it's okay to have "me time" and take a break from school. In the next year, I hope to add more fitness into my "me time."