Personal Training with Trinity

Would you like to become stronger?

Are you interested in losing weight and/or toning?

Would you like to exercise in a comfortable, judgement-free environment?

Would you like to work out in the comfort of your home with kiddos present?

AND would you like to learn how to include your entire family in your quest for health?

I strive to help every individual, no matter what the goal, to live a healthier, happier life.  Aside from teaching and training at numerous private facilities in the Charlotte area, I also offer personal training both in my home studio and (within reasonable driving distance) client in-home sessions.  

As a previous stay-at-home mother with no childcare options at that time, I understand how difficult (and sometimes intimidating) it can be to go to a gym.  The childcare is iffy in some places, the nicer places are often too expensive, and once you're in there it's very difficult to know where to start!

If you have the luxury of being able to come to my home studio, I offer one hour sessions with fun, varying workouts each time.  I will also come up with home workouts for you based on your fitness level, goals, and the equipment you have on-hand.

If you have little ones and don't have childcare, don't fret!  If you're within a reasonable distance (South Charlotte/Fort Mill/Indian Land area), I can work with you to find a time for in-home training.  I understand the need for breaks and kiddo cuddling, and will even try to work the little ones into the fun based on their age and willingness.  Kids LOVE to exercise, because no one has ever taught them that it's hard! :P  

I also offer small group training for friends or even playdates!  Not only does it offset the cost, but working out with others can be extremely motivational and fun.  

If you are interested in either individual or group training (or even just a group playdate with a fitness theme), please feel free to contact me at

Every first session is free and includes an intro consultation to define goals, a fit test to evaluate fitness level, and body measurements to track later progress.  I keep all of this information private, and you will LOVE to see those numbers change for the better after a few months!!

Email me today, and let's get working!!!

I am the Fitness Fairy, and I will make you SWEAT!!!

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