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I'm Trinity, and my family includes my daughter (7), son (5), husband, and multiple adorable animals.  We like to call ourselves a family of "corporate gypsies".  It seems to suit us well.

Some back story:  My husband and I got married in Springtime 2006.  We decided that we would move to Mainz, Germany for his PhD (he's a fancy schmancy chemist man) and explore the world.   A few months before the move, we learned that I was pregnant.  At twenty weeks pregnant and with two suitcases a piece and nowhere to live, we moved to Germany in January 2007. 

It was really tough and really amazing moving to another country.  We learned everything the hard way, made tons of mistakes, were dirt poor, still managed to travel a bit on the cheap, and made some truly amazing friends.  Both children were born there, and I became somewhat of a "crunchy" mama--babywearing, co-sleeping, cloth-diapering, and breastfeeding.  I wasn't into fitness at the time, but I had a working knowledge (I was a women's gym manager before the move), and we were major outdoor enthusiasts.  We spent lots of time walking the fields of our little neighborhood, eating fruits off the trees, and loving nature there.

He graduated and was offered a job in July 2010, which took us to Central New Jersey.  His job was rotational training for two nine-month periods, so we've moved a lot since then.  NJ was nice and it was a huge culture shock after being German-ish for so long!  We moved next to Westchester Co, NY just above NYC.  It was our favorite place ever.  We loved the town, our neighbors were truly amazing, it was 30 minutes to everything from NYC to mountains to coast.  We lived on the Hudson River, and life was so nice....but expensive.  For his permanent position, we chose to move to the South and have a cheaper cost of living and be back by family.  In January 2012, we moved to a suburb of Charlotte, NC.  We really like it here!  It's the South, but not.   We've been here for a few years and I suspect we'll be here for at least a few more, but who knows what will happen.  We kinda hope it involves another country, though.

Details on the family:  My daughter is little miss drama.  In a good way, mostly.  She's hilarious, passionate, very kind-hearted, empathetic, highly emotional, and getting girlier by the day.  She likes to pretend she's a tomboy and run with me, but she also owns 10x more jewelry than I have and loves to buy clothes already.  My favorite trait of hers is her compassion. She's a kind soul.  She's a veteran of the Spartan Kid's Race, a few "road races", competes in TaeKwonDo tournaments, practices yoga with mom, and loves to try to be healthy!  She is due to get her black belt in TKD this August 2015, woohoo!!

 My son is my little goofball.  He used to be such a calm little guy, a mini-hubby with his little quirks but otherwise mellow demeanor.  Now he's grown into himself a bit more and his hilarity has come out.  He's constantly trying to make jokes and has an amazing imagination.  Most things are swords or lightsabers (he's Star Wars obsessed) and he play-fights with himself all the time.  He's a little snuggle bug and has gotten some empathy traits from sis already.  I love how they love each other!  He's also into TaeKwonDo, and he will be moving up to the big kid class very soon.  To keep active, he loves to ride his bike and scooter alllllll over the local greenways.

My husband is the funniest person I know, period.  He constantly cracks me up, and I wait impatiently for him every day so he can listen to me and make me laugh.  He never says an unkind word, he can be friends with anyone, and he is very humble.  The man is a genius, but you'd never know with all the fart and sex jokes.  He loves to make the family happy and would work 24 hours a day for it to happen.  I love him dearly.  He tries to get his training in during work lunch breaks and weekends, which is hard but he makes it happen.  He prefers obstacle races over street running, and he could stomp most people on the StairMaster.  Presently he and I are working together towards a stronger, faster half marathon together.
He can outrun zombies.
As for me, I am a personal trainer who works in the early morning and evening and parents during the rest of the day.  I work for a small corporate wellness-based personal training company, as well as teach group fitness and bootcamps at three local gyms.  I offer personal training in my home studio as well, and am hoping to continue to grow that business.

For a while, I was a distance runner after taking up running upon our move back to the States.  I did it to get in shape, but then it became my release.  I've ran marathons, trail races, obstacle races, and want to eventually get into ultras if I ever have the free time!  One of my favorite things is helping instill healthy habits into my children.  I adore seeing them pick healthier options and respect nature.  I'm also an avid crafter, Pinterest addict, and repurposing queen.  I love knowing that I've made something beautiful out of something that would otherwise go to waste!

PR'ing a half marathon like a boss

 As a family, we love to laugh and be outdoors.  We're usually the goofiest family around and generally make too much noise.  We spend as much time as possible being active together, and that's why I decided to make this blog--I would love to be able to share family fitness/health with others so they can have a blast like us!  My family works hard to take care of our bodies and our souls every day, and I hope it stays that way forever!

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