Friday, May 17, 2013

I've been absent....

But I haven't totally disappeared!  I would sit down to blog and then not be able to even formulate what I wanted to say.  For a short bit, it was because of a burnout.  Then it became because there were SO many crazy happenings and changes in my life that I didn't really wish to share them with the world.  So I decided to take a break and come back when I felt that I was in a good place to write again.  I think I'm finally there!

The past few months have had many negative points.  I was sick for an entire month and basically did nothing but whine.  The gym that I was set to teach in suddenly closed down.  A close relative had a very serious health scare (but is totally fine now). And by far the worst event was the loss of my father last month.  We had a very strained relationship for years, but we had finally fixed it and then I got the news that he wasn't going to make it.  Fortunately my sister and I were able to be with him during his final moments, we reunited with our brother, and I got to say all the things to my father that I'd always wished I'd said to him before.  I've been beating myself up for not getting closer to him earlier, but I know that he passed away surrounded by love and knowing exactly how much he was cared about.  That's all one can ever really ask for in life.
My dad with my sweet stepmom

For him, I dedicated a special run and a beach walk with my sister

I've also had many great moments in the past few months.  We finished building our house and moved in a week ago!  It's beautiful and big and comfortable and OURS.  We've never owned a home before, and it's really a great feeling!  I also rejoined the Air Force National Guard Band of the Smokey Mountains as an oboe player.  I originally joined it in 1997 as I was graduating high school.  It was great, but had to leave after 11 years when I moved overseas.  Now that I'm within driving distance again, I've gone back and am loving it.  I've also started up my own business as a Mary Kay beauty consultant, since I'm basically obsessed with their products anyway.  I started a running group at the local YWCA and have fallen in love with their gym, my fun little group, and the outreach efforts of the organization.  I ran my first sub-2hr half marathon and also got an AG award, my first ever.  And just this week, I began my first real gig as a personal trainer!  I'm at a fun little Christian-based training studio with just the functional training-based fitness approach that I love.  I have shadowed the owner a few times, and just yesterday I worked with a few other trainers on a fabulous new class that we just started.  Seeing the sense of accomplishment on the faces of all the clients is so rewarding!  I think I'm going to really love it there.
At the Kings Mountain HM, I felt and ran strong!

So yeah, that's why I haven't been around.  Life has hit me pretty hard, in good ways and really tough ones.  My spirit has grown more in the past few months than over the past few years put together.  I've gained strength and confidence I didn't know that I had, and I'm learning to let go of bitterness, stand up for myself, speak my mind more freely, become more organized and directed, and just be ME better.  I fail sometimes, but I'm winning so much more often.  It feels good!

So now, prepare to hear about my many gigs, read even more healthy eating and family fitness tips, and of course be bombarded by pictures of my cute kids.  Just like before!

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