Monday, June 17, 2013

Marathon training begins!

Training begins this week!  I have taken a 16-week training schedule and added four weeks on to the front.  Basically because I know that A) I'll get thrown off at least twice in the process because of illness/travel/etc and B) I'm not a fan of track work and I need the four weeks of prep time to get in gear for it.  Plus, I'm leaving for Active Duty with my Air Force National Guard Band on Wednesday, and the next two weeks may just be ridiculous.  Here's what I have on schedule for this week:

Monday--Cardio Strength class
Tuesday--Track workout   4x400's w/200 rest intervals.  1mi warmup and cooldown.  Then upper body destruction!
Wednesday--5mi, 3 at 8:40 pace.  This was supposed to be Thursday, but Friday is our PT test.  We'll see how well I hold up for this after the track workout.
Friday--PT test.  This will include sit ups, push ups, and a 1.5 mile run.  I'm hoping to max out on each, but we'll see.  I'm a distance runner, not a speed runner!
Saturday--If I can get into the base gym, I'd like to do upper body again.
Sunday--10mi @9:15

So yeah, we'll see how much of that actually happens.  I found a Y with a decent track, though it's a bit of a drive.  We'll try it out in the morning before the heat sets in, but the earliest I can start is 8am.  Which will already be brutal.  Good times.

On a completely random and cute side note, we had an awesome little (gigantic) birthday party for my newly 6-year-old this past Saturday!  We got a huge bouncy water slide and put it in our front yard.  We ate burgers, smoked turkey, and pasta salad.  Then we tie dyed shirts and ate a delicious ice cream cake.  Aside from the cake (and the large amount of beer I drank after), it was a pretty healthy deal.  And we all had such a blast!  Once the kids all left, hubby and I hopped on the water slide with the kids.  Naturally.

Ridiculously huge slide
Singing with good friends

I hope you all had a happy weekend, and I'd love to hear what your training plans are for the week!

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