Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Most pitiful post ever

I won't be long-winded today.  I'm just not up to it.  We had an awesome weekend that led into my big girl's very first day of school!!!!!  She had her orientation yesterday and her first full day today.  Considering she's always been home with me and never even in pre-k, I haven't taken it so well.  I consoled myself by eating well and training hard pigging out on junk food and wine nightly and cuddling her constantly.  I waited today until I was out of the parking lot for the tears to start, and then it went south.  Fortunately, the boy handled it well and we stayed busy.  He refused to go to the gym, but I also didn't really feel like it so I didn't even mind for once.
She WAS as happy as she looks, and still is!
Fortunately for my soul, the kiddo has decided that school is the "best place ever" and replaces Chuck E Cheese with coolness factor.  I'm sure that opinion won't last for long, so I'm doing my darndest to soak it up!  Since she got home, she's chatted my ear off about her entire day and has made me play school for approximately 99.99999999% of the time she's been home. 

Unfortunately for my body though, all my worrying and lost sleep let my immunities down and I now have a super awesome fever.  I'm presently wearing 401 layers of clothing, drinking hot tea, and I feel like I'm in a frozen tundra.  It's awesome.  Even more awesome is the fact that my Super Spartan is on Saturday!  And even MORE awesome than that??  All that snuggling I've been giving the kiddo whilst carrying germs.  I hope to goodness she doesn't get sick for HER Junior Spartan.  That would break my heart!

So for the next 40ish hours before we head up to Virginia, I will be downing vit c and apparently vit d3 like it's going out of style.  Cross your fingers for a ridiculously fast recovery and no spreading germs!!!!

So here's my question--how do you handle being sick?  Do you give in to the meds, take natural remedies, or let it run the course?  I'll take any suggestions (and maybe some voodoo magic) that you have!

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  1. I'm hoping she loves it all year! Keeping my fingers crossed. Feel better!