Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Monday, and a weekend roundup

First off, Happy Monday!  I know I complained last week, but this week seems to be a good bit better.  Maybe it's because I got the kids to the gym this morning instead of making it my off-day.  I swapped weekend long runs with Hubby so I could go to a chocolate party on Saturday night and fully indulge.  And may I say, it was super delicious!!

Aside from the party, I spent most of the time outdoors this past weekend.  We went to our pool both days, and yesterday after Hubby did his long run we went for an impromptu family hike.  It was extremely hot, but we filled up a hydration pack and set out for a few hours under the shade of the trees at the US National Whitewater Center.  The kids did quite well, I only had to put the boy in the carrier for the last 1/3 of the hike.  The kiddo hiked the entire way, and she only complained once!  That's a pretty big win for us, and we warned them that this was just an appetizer for what's coming in the fall.  As soon as the weather cools down, you better bet we'll be hiking (and possibly camping too) every single weekend!  Seriously, if you don't hike with your kids, you need to.  Like, right away.  It's such excellent exercise, and you can really teach them how to love and respect nature while you're out there.  I plan on making some fun games for the future too--scavenger hunts, photo challenges for the big kid, and when they get older we'll do nature bingo.  We also took some yummy wraps, pretzels, and fruit bars for the trip.  It was basically a free day out, and they were all about it.  Oh, and I'm fairly sure I have a budding trail runner in my son.  I thought he was going to bite it a few times as I began picturing a trip to the hospital, but he managed to stay afoot and tear down those hills!  Proud mama moment, for sure!

Yes, that walkway leads to nowhere.  But it was a pretty nowhere!
After two days outside running, hiking, and swimming, we all went into Monday feeling great.  I was giving the kids some time to rest a bit this morning, but they had other plans and actually yelled at me to get them to the gym, haha!  I got in a speedy 5-miler and some ab work (not to mention a wonderfully long and uninterrupted shower), and the kids got some much-needed mama-free time.  We came home and had their favorite lunch, and now I think the week is good to go on a very awesome note! 

Whole wheat english muffin pizza, cucumbers, strawberries, and bean sprouts--yay for finger foods!
So yeah, it almost seems that my long run should be swapped to Saturday, but I don't really know how Hubby will feel about trading.  He likes that whole weekend free feeling.  So maybe I'll just force myself to take the yoga class on Mondays and make my rest day a not-so-rest day.  There are worse things in life!

How did your weekend go?  Are you feeling awesome this summer still?  And, are you looking forward to my September Challenge still???  I totally am!  Please feel free to share with your friends and family, and hopefully we'll have a nice lovely online crowd for the month-long event!  Happy Monday, do something good for yourself and your loves today!


  1. It sounds like you guys had a really nice weekend. Our weekend was great just too short!

  2. Have you tried letterboxing? It is a great way to keep the kids engaged while out there - they're thinking about the next clue, rather than how long you've been hiking. :)