Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm back, and with exciting news!!!!

First of all, vacation was AWESOME.  We had such a blast on the beach, the entire family really needed that reconnecting time!  Hubby got to play with the kiddos and relax all week, and he was in absolute need of it.  Our activities included lots of beach/pool time, a dolphin watching tour, a "kid cruise" where they could fish for sharks and crabs, walking around a mostly deserted island, mini golf, and lots of yummy meals.  We got back Saturday just in time for my mom to come visit and bring us a family member (her landlord is an asshat and will only let her have one cat), then Hubby had a friend in town yesterday, and today we get shoved right back into normalcy.  We're all a bit bummed to be back (him especially!), but we do like being in the comfort of our own home.  Now it's prep time for races and kindergarten and part-time jobs and new projects.  Busy, indeed!

Beach fun!
Happy family!
Kite flying and beach walking
Yep, the trip was as perfect as it looks.  And because of all that perfection, I only ran twice while I was there, with one good long run.  I continued my daily squat challenge (hint--so easy to do them in the shower!) and did a burpee self-challenge after a feeling of guilt swept me.  But we managed to eat quite healthy by eating in the condo for breakfast and lunch and only going out for dinner.  Dinner usually consisted of blackened or grilled seafood, we avoided all things fried, and no one gained weight!  So there's my how-to for staying good during vacation--Workouts won't always work out (hehe), but you can always find a way to stay on track with your food intake!  Choose restaurants that specialize in local fare, and if you have the option, always stay away from fried food.  Get meals to share if possible, and stay in a place where you can cook at least 1-2 meals/day.  It saves calories, and you'll have extra money for fun activities!

So now for the exciting news!!  I'll be hosting a September HEALTHY FAMILY CHALLENGE and HIPFIT VIRTUAL FAMILY 5K!!!!!  I will have one healthy challenge for the entire family for every week of September, and at the end of the month it will culminate in a family 5k that you should do with relatives and/or friends!  I've never heard of a virtual race that got the entire family involved, so I thought it would be a fun, unique sort of race.  I will have signups for the challenge and race throughout August, and I'll be doing a virtual race packet with online coupons for all participating.  There will also be random giveaways for those who complete the challenges/5k!  I'm still gathering sponsors, but here is a list of just a few awesome sponsors already signed on, just to wet your appetite:

Excited yet????  I sure am!  This will be a month long of fun and hopefully a great start to a healthier future for a lot of families nationwide!  Spread the word please, I want as many people possible to join us in the fun!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the September challenge. FUN!

  2. clever idea...very cool way to get the family involved.

  3. Love it!!! So glad your vacation was perfect!

  4. Wonderful idea! Looking forward to signing up in August! :)

  5. Sorry I'm so late. You guys had a great vacation it looks like. Hooray for a virtual race!