Monday, July 30, 2012

Mondays are lame

The weekend is so fun and eventful and husband-filled, why does Monday have to arrive?  Sometimes we're good in this house, but most of the time it takes us half a day to readjust to having a schedule.  Plus, it's generally my off day from exercise, and mama isn't on her game when she doesn't get exercise.  So I need to figure out how to make Monday suck less.  Here are a few ideas:

Have a special Monday Funday breakfast like smiley pancakes (whole wheat, of course!)
Weekend wrap-up--have the kids draw/craft a summary of the weekend awesomeness
Special Monday night family activity--maybe game night or FroYo outing
Themed Mondays--I've been wanting to do International days!

Maybe if I do some combination of the above, and do my darndest to save all the chores until Tuesday, we can do this!  Any other good suggestions?

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