Monday, July 2, 2012

Giveaway winners!

First off, I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend!  We enjoyed it here, even though it was hotter than Satan's buttcrack.  We doubled up on TaeKwonDo classes last week since it's school holiday this week and our vacay next.  And wouldn't you know it, the kiddo is rocking it out!  She was a tad bit intimidated moving up in levels, because it means getting out of the "Little Tigers" class and into the big kid group.  But she totally owned it and I couldn't be prouder.  She's already learned a lot and improved in just a few days.  She got pushed pretty hard by the school Master, but she didn't let it get her down and she came out smiling.  I love that kid!

Aside from that, we did a bit of vacay shopping, tons of swimming (the kiddo also passed a swim test at the Y to go down the big slides!), saw "Brave" (sooooooo good, but a bit scary for littles), and I barely pushed out an 11-miler on Sunday morning.  On mile 8.5, I got dizzy and chilled, so I'm just glad that I made it to the car without passing out!  My hydration pack was literally a lifesaver.  Awesome tip:  put the bladder in the freezer overnight so it can slowly thaw during the run for a nice cool blast from each sip!  I saw people out there worse off than I was, and even saw a bit of vomit.  Scary!  Be careful out there people, and don't leave home without lots of hydration!!!!!
Looking rough after yesterday's run.  Eek!

Now to the stuff you guys actually care about--who won the free stuff.  Here are the three lucky winners, as picked by

Entry #32 - anotherrunningmom

Entry #14 - Kiza

Entry #42 - Angel

I'm so excited for you all!  And a wee bit nervous about sending wee little headbands to some of these sewing goddesses.  But alas, I must do it and you all must love them.  Those are the rules.  I'll email you momentarily with the details, peeps!

For the rest of you, like I said before, I'm still thinking about selling the headbands.  I previously had an Etsy shop and may contemplate reopening it.  I need your opinions please:  Would you consider buying them with the price points 1/$5, 2/$9, 3/$12?  That's cheaper than the major brands and on-par with some other Etsy shops.  But I have awesome style and can guarantee mine personally, so that totally makes them better.
Maybe I can finally use these again!

So there it all is.  I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend, avoided heat exhaustion, and will have a wonderful holiday week!  Any big plans?  It's a bunch of swimming and laziness on my calendar!  Have fun!!


  1. Woohoo! I am so excited! :) thank you!! Hope you have a fabulous week!