Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday, tired edition

1.  We're gearing up for kindergarten in our house!!!!  The school uniforms are in, we've gotten half of her supplies and are waiting for tax-free week to get the rest, and biggest of all--we've started waking up earlier.  I'm sure I've told you all that we're not morning people.  That's really putting it mildly.  My children have always been blessed with the beautiful ability to sleep until 8:30-9am every morning.  I've looooooooved it, never complained about it at all.  Until now.  Holy geez, getting them up is hard!  Getting ME up is hard too.  I've gotten lazy used to sleeping, and now I can barely wake up to wake them up.  So we've set a new routine--every morning, we'll wake up and make ourselves get to the Y by 8am.  After I work out, we swim.  So it requires me to get all the food and clothing together the night before (just like school), wake them up earlier than they want (just like school) and pile them in the car first-thing (again, school).  It was rough yesterday.  Like, the type of rough that you want to just erase it all and pretend it didn't happen.  We were 25 minutes late and the number of child breakdowns had grown exponentially until bedtime.  That's when I resorted to lots of wine and almost gave up.  But today, I took my hungover self and tried it again!  It's gone a tad bit better, and the breakdowns have been minimal.  And we were only five minutes late.  I can see this working down the line!!
Happy snacking pooltime kiddos!
2.  I'm getting seriously overwhelmed excited about my personal training work!  I'm presently studying anatomy/physiology, and I'll admit that it's not the easiest for me.  I know that I need it so that I can properly learn how and why the body needs to move in certain ways, but I'm kinda kicking myself for not paying more attention in school during biology.  Such is life though.  Once I get through this portion (yawn) it'll be on to the good stuff!  I'm already thinking about places to train and talking to first-client possibilities.  Yay!

3.  I've been witnessing something odd in the gym recently.  With my new time there, I've noticed one lady in particular, whom I call The Tricky Treadmiller.  Tricky always does the same thing--She hops on the treadmill at about a 7min mile, holds on for dear life to the handle, holds herself up for a moment, feet flailing and stomping and looking horribly painful, and then jumps onto the sides.  She spends, I'd say, over 1/3 of the time standing on the sides!  She does this for what looks like five miles (yeah, I catch glimpses, so sue me), gets off and walks around while leaving her crap allllllll over the floor, and then comes back for another five.  Then she walks away from her sweaty treadmill without wiping it, ew!  But the thing is, although that treadmill just went 10 miles, SHE isn't running 10 miles.  Not even close!  She's maybe running 5-6 with all that time spent on the sides.  Which, 6 miles at a 7 minute pace is great!  But what kind of training is that?  Does anyone know???  Am I missing something?  I'd think she was doing sprints if it didn't last so long and look so uncomfortable.  Someone working on sprints would have good form, not hold on for dear life, and have more consistent timing.  I shot her a few odd looks today, and once she actually saw me and slowed down, staying on for maybe a full minute.  I felt proud of myself in a very bitchy way.  I guess I just don't get the need to try to do something that you're obviously not ready to do.  Slow it down, lady, you're gonna break an ankle!

Any fun gym stories you have?  Any nicknames that you give to the people there?  I love peoplewatching, I hope I make more "friends" at my new 8am timeslot soon, hehe!

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