Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm indecisive....I think

As all runners know, with the coming of Fall is also the coming of a new race season!  Mid-summer brings Facebook statuses of "signing up for ____ marathon" or "finished first run in ___ training plan" and whatnot.  For me, I have a few definite, already registered events on my list:

VA Super Spartan
Women's Half Marathon (Nashville)
Carolina's Spartan Beast
TN Ragnar Relay
Hubby's hometown Turkey Trot

Then, there's my completely random list of races that would be pretty cool.  It ranges from half marathons to 50k's to Tough Mudders.  If I could do all the races that I want to do, I would spend thousands of dollars and way too many family hours just in training.  Not to mention the time I need to spend studying and training for my CPT certification.  Because seriously, no one wants an uneducated, flabby trainer!

So after writing about four different possible schedules, I started to ask myself--What do I really WANT from my racing this year?  Do I want to become a more experienced marathoner, or venture into ultrarunning, or simply speed up my half marathons?  And then, WHY?  I can say all day that I want to try out an ultra, but I started to wonder, is it simply because I want to be able to say I ran one?  Will I regret that decision later and get burned out?  I loved my marathon, but I've only done one and I have years to venture farther.  And then there's the marathon thing--Do I want to run more so I can get into Marathon Maniacs?  That's kind of a silly bragging point, and I won't really earn anything from it other than a paid-for status.  But it's a damn cool status!  Or my most recent thought--Should I simply set my sights on improving my half marathon time so I can focus on strength training for my obstacle races and my CPT course?  If I choose this one, will I feel unfulfilled at the end of the season?
 Basically I have no answers to any of the above questions right now, as you've probably already noticed.  I would love any input that any of you can give me, I'm pretty majorly stuck right now.  All I know is that I want this season to be bigger and better than last!  Haaaallp me!!

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