Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I don't know what to blog about

I have a ton of random stuff on my mind right now.  Here's a look inside my odd little brain at present:

I ordered a bunch of adorable fabrics the other day, and they'll be here tomorrow!  I'll be using them to make headbands to relaunch my Etsy store, and I'm totally stoked!!

I ran 5 miles on the YMCA treadmill today, and it felt good.  My pace averaged 9:05, which felt even better.  I love that I'm finally speeding up!

Hubby is about to begin his training for his first half marathon, and I'm stupidly excited.  Like, much more than he is.  Go figure.

I'm learning alllll the muscles of the body right now.  It's tough, but pretty cool.  I can't wait to put the knowledge to good use.

My weekend long runs have been crap.  Between travel and the heat, I've barely kept up with my training.  I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass later.

The boy is finally happy in the Y childcare!  It took a few weeks of reluctance on both our parts, but now he's going in and out of there like a champ.  It'll make my daughter's transition to kindergarten easier on him, I hope.

Omg, my daughter will be in kindergarten.  In under a month.  Holy freaking crap.  Mama needs wine.

Mama has cut back on wine and beer.  Mama has almost completely cut out soda.  And mama has been PMS-y  lately.  Maybe this is why mama's mood is so completely psychotic slightly erratic.

I want cake.  Mmmmmm, cake.

Hmm, off topic a bit.  Anyway, I'm going to Pilates tonight.  It's helping my core a good bit, though I still don't think my ab muscles will ever actually come back together.  The instructor thinks it's from my c-section.  Those things suck, don't get one if you can help it.

But anyway, Pilates!  Yay!  I like two-workout days, they make me feel so accomplished.  Now I'll feel even more accomplished if I could stop typing and fold that huge pile of laundry presently staring at me.

The other thing staring at me right now is what my husband just refinished and I'm currently madly in love with.   It has caused me to start scouring craigslist in order to find more cool shit to refurbish and funk up our house.  Here it is:

Oh, and look at that lovely laundry basket right next to it in the picture.  I can hear it mocking me.  I should probably take care of that......  Have a good one!

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