Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chapstick Review, and a Giveaway!

Contest is over!  Brittany is the winner, congrats!!!

Holy heck, is it almost Thanksgiving break?!?!  Where has the time gone?  I don't know about you guys, but I've had about 1,529 things I've wanted to accomplish before the end of the year, and I've only maybe gotten 4-5 of those things done.  So I'm going to just suck it up and put this one out there for you before you all have to run off and eat gross amounts of turkey!

A little while back, I was asked to do a review for Chapstick, in particular Chapstick Sport Ready and Chapstick Raspberry Creme.  I'm not usually a big fan of non-sparkly stuff on my lips, but I took the challenge in hopes to be pleasantly surprised.  Well....I actually was!  I remember back in the day as a child when I'd get a tube of Chapstick in my stocking and think "Man, what a cop-out, gimme some candy!"  But I honestly would be pretty darned happy to get some of this stuff in my stocking now.

When I first got the package, I did my normal routine of opening it with the kids hovered around because they love to see what kind of goodies Mommy gets.  Even though the goodies are usually totally lame to them.  But this time the big kid was ecstatic.  She loves absolutely anything that can be put on lips, and I (not literally, don't call CPS) had to fight her for the Raspberry Creme.  So we made a deal--I'd review the Sport Ready first while she took a go at the Raspberry, and then I'd take hers back just long enough to review it.  Oh, and she also managed to snatch the cute little pink and white zippy bag that it all came in.  What can I say, she's too damn cute to say no to.

Fun, huh?  Yeah, expect your daughter to take it.

Gratuitous cute photo so you understand why I can't tell the kid no.

  Anywho, I was excited to put my Sport Ready right on my keychain and put it to good use.  I love that it can clip directly onto the keychain and not have to go in a bag pocket that I have to try to find later.  Because honestly, I'm not a fan of pockets or finding things.  My only complaint about the design is that the lid doesn't have some little plastic latchy thingy (yes, that's the technical term) that holds the lid to the tube in case they come apart.  Because they did.  Not immediately and not easily, but days later when the boy found my keys and I found the tube on the bathroom counter later.  But then I realized that an even simpler and much cooler use for it would be to latch it onto my gym water bottle.  Which makes WAY more sense with the name Sport Ready anyway, right?

So simple, even I can keep up with it!

 Now another downside--If you look above at the yellow latch, it's not very big.  So I had to use a carabiner to attach it.  Which isn't actually a big deal because my house has about 400 of them sitting around just waiting for a use.  And the clip will go onto a keychain, belt loop, or zipper just fine on it's own, so it's still quite a bit more convenient than carrying that floating tiny tube in your gym bag.  And since my lips are dry when I run, this works SO well!  I honestly don't know why no one invented it before.  Not to mention, they've added SPF 30 in there for those long runs (even in the winter you need SPF!), and it's water resistant.  The water resistant part is a huge plus also, since you don't want to reapply it after every gulp of water.  Like I said, impressed.

So next thing, I moved on to the Raspberry Creme.  Which I of course have no photo of it in use because my daughter has claimed it for her own and has only let me try out a handful of times.  Well it was more like this:  I tried it, she got sick, I stopped trying it.  But I did get enough to know that it smells super yummy.  It has an SPF level of 15, which is perfect for a normal day outside.  And they also make it in Green Apple and Vanilla Mint too, which is making me hungry as I type.  My favorite part though--My little girls thinks she's stylin' without me having to share my sparkly grownup stuff or spend more than $2 for it!

There you go, my review of Chapstick, 2012 version!  To summarize, the pluses:  Easy to keep up with, moisturizing, water resistant, contains SPF, kid-approved, and vastly improved flavors for a great price.  The minuses:  If you are a spaz with your stuff (or give it to your spastic kids), the tube may get lost from the lid.  But heck, that happens with every tube of lip anything I've owned since having kids anyway, so I don't see it as anything abnormal here.

Now that you've heard about the stuff, I'm going to give one of you some of it!!  I have up for grabs:

1 tube Chapstick Sport Ready
1 tube Chapstick Raspberry Creme
1 cute little Chapstick brand zippy bag
1 Chapstick full-sized towel (an excellent gym shower towel, in my opinion)

This package will go to one randomly-drawn lucky winner that I'll pick a week from today on Tuesday the 20th promptly when I wake up.  You can get one entry per thingy below, and don't forget to leave a comment for each one!

1.  Follow my blog (required people, do it now!)
2.  Follow HipFitFam on Facebook, leave me a comment here
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5.  Tweet/Facebook/blog/put up a child-drawn poster, I don't care, but however you feel inclined to mention this giveaway to others, do so and leave me the link in the comment below.

Like I said, I'll draw a winner via Random.org next Tuesday morning!  And then we'll all have fantastic Thanksgiving weekends, try not to drink too much whilst dealing with in-laws, shop til we drop, and I'll come back the week after with ANOTHER GIVEAWAY.  I'VE GONE MAD LIKE USED CAR SALESMAN IN TENT SALE!  Ahem, or something.  Yeah, go win some Chapstick people, it's getting cold out there.

(Disclaimer--The Chapstick product, information, and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.  But neither of them told me what to say.  My goofy opinions are all my own.)


  1. I absolutely love how you let your personality shine through in your posts! Is the chapstick really that good? Wow! I've been a carmex user and have tried many different other chapsticks only to come back to my carmex. Now your review has me actually thinking about going out and getting something new. Thanks Trinity! I already follow your blog and your facebook page. I guess I'll now also follow chapstick. :) Have a great day!

  2. Great review! I often think about how I need to have some lip protection, but I am, quite frankly, just too lazy to try to find something I can use. I agree totally with Kistina about your personality shining through in your posts! I'll try the chapstick (raspberry creme sounds delicious)! And I love the idea of being able to clip it onto something so that I don't have to go looking through the black hole (AKA my purse) looking for it.

  3. How do we all get so many carabiners? I have so many and I have no idea where any of them came from!!

  4. I follow your blog yo! ;)

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  8. 5. Tweeted it, go HipFitFam! (yay no more captchas!)

  9. I love getting to see what's going on with your family from your blog posts, and I go through chapstick like crazy so this is a win-win for me!
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  10. I follow Chapstick on FB & left them a comment saying HipFitFam sent me!

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    1. I meant liked, not follow, but I'm sure you knew what I meant. Also meant via, not vis. Trying to get this all done while traveling on my phone.

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  20. Just started following your blog and Liking the Facebook page ... but now that there's chapstick involved. *crazy running in circles*