Monday, January 12, 2015

Holy Excitement, Batman!

Wow, I have some pretty awesome things happening right now that I just HAVE to brag about for a moment!  So please, bear with me.  I don't feel braggish often and need to get it out of my system. :P

Anyway, the first thing is that I'm super pumped about having moved my personal fitness studio from my murky garage to our awesome bonus room!  It was previously a huge playroom, but the kids didn't utilize it much since it was all the way in the back of the house.  I decided that I was tired of dealing with the nasty cold and all the sawdust from my husband's workspace in the garage, so I relocated the kid stuff to a smaller room and got my room set up right away!  I'm slowly building up my equipment inventory, but I still have plenty to give a butt-kicker of a workout for sure.  I tested it out for myself last night, and I trained a few people there yesterday morning.  Plus the kids love the mats for their TaeKwonDo form and kicking practice.  My daughter even led us in a "family workout" last night, and I'll admit that I was impressed by her moves.  So far the room is a hit!!

Chalkboard wall to the left, and soon I'll add in a wall-mounted pull-up bar with TRX!

She moves too fast for my crappy iPhone camera. :P
My second exciting brag news is that I will be hosting a fun bootcamp workout at a popular local bar in Uptown Charlotte, as a fundraising effort for Cupid's Undie Run.  The workout will be donation-based, and I hope to have a really awesome turnout.  And to add to that, I'll be going on a little news segment along with the race director on the local Fox station this Wednesday!!!  Eeek!  I've never been on live TV before, and I'm more than just a little nervous!  I get to get up suuuuuper early and make myself presentable enough to haul my tired ass Uptown and talk about the run, my bootcamp workout, and fitness in general.  And because I'm me, I'll more than likely be doing burpees on television. :P  

If you're interested in donating to the Undie Run and helping to fund research for Neurofibromatosis, please feel free to visit my fundraising page and/or join us at the bootcamp!  Click the image below for details!

So there you go, that's all my excitement for now!  I'll hope to have a recording or at least a link up of the interview after the fact.  Unless I suck.  Then you're never gonna see it EVER.  

Have a great day, and keep on sweatin'!


  1. Great post and your space looks awesome!! Keep up the really works!!

  2. Yo momma might be there from Tennessee for the Bootcamp (but will have to slack on a lot of the workout)! Love you and very proud of you! WCCB has a link for live stream :)