Monday, October 29, 2012

Call me "Miss No-Follow Through"

Pitiful blog post title, huh?  But it's true.  I had big plans to do a giveaway/virtual race/challenge in September.  Septfreakingtember.  Then I put it off until October, and recently I've wanted to bring it back holiday-style and add/tweak my idea into something awesome.  The problem is this--I'm horrible at following through with things.  Like, seriously awful.  Do you see any headbands for sale on Etsy?  That's because I haven't even gotten there yet.  I plan on it someday, but things just take over and sometimes I just have no excuse other than adult ADHD or something.  So I'm just coming clean, telling you what I wanted to do, and telling you what I'll probably REALLY do now.

What I wanted to do:  A holiday family health/fitness challenge with things ranging from "park in the back of the lots all week" to "buy (or make) only handmade gifts this week".  Sounds like a blast, huh?  Problem is that it requires a ton of time that I really need to spend studying for my PT exam.  I don't have the gumption to continue training, to study harder than before, to blog regularly like that, and to do my motherly duties.  I'm not that person, no matter how much caffeine I feed my body.

What I'll actually do:  I've built up a small stock of giveaways from some great companies.  So I plan on just doing one per week until they're gone.  No challenges along with them to make it all more fun, just straight-up product review/giveaways.  It's just easier that way for me.  And after that, I'm not sure how much I plan on blogging.  I've had so many super awesome ideas for babywearing posts, educational posts, family workouts, etc, but I've not really followed through on any of them.  So maybe I just need to succumb to the fact that I'm probably not going to follow through, ever.  And that's okay, but I need to stop talking like I'm going to make them all happen.

There ARE a few things I'll do.  I'll be a good mom to my kids, I'll work much harder on my studying, and I'll make as many gifts as possible along as trying to make some fun home stuff for our future move.  I'll blog when I feel like it, which may not be often, and I'll do a random giveaway if the opportunity arises.  That should be good enough for now, it's still plenty!

Do any of you suffer from no-follow-through syndrome?  Do you handle it by cutting things out or are you able to figure out a magical formula (or medical mixture, haha) that makes you able to get it all done?  I'd love to hear!

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