Friday, October 19, 2012

Cheapest Halloween ever!

Disclaimer--This post doesn't have jack squat to do with health/fitness.  BUT part of my name is HIPfitfam, and I think saving money can be pretty dang hip!

On that note, we're not broke right now, BUT we're trying to save money towards the holidays and house-buying.  Which means that spending money is something we're not taking lightly.  Originally, we were going to just buy the kids their costumes and eat the money.  It's what has always been and it's something most people (including us) don't really think about.  But then my daughter asked to be "Lightning Girl", which is a made-by-her superhero that matches a cape that she got for her birthday.  The cape is bright pink with a purple felt diamond and yellow lightning bolt.  I figured "Easy enough, we'll just buy some stuff to go with it".....problem is, there's NOTHING out there to go with it.  Because Lightning Girl is too cool for stores.

So I was on a mission to create her costume myself.  And I actually didn't realize how EASY it would be.  Superhero chicks always have a few things--a cape (we had it), a leotard thingy with her symbol, tights, and a mask.  Everything else is optional and fun.  So I went to Michael's, bought some felt, and traced the symbol on the cape.  I cut the pieces out and sewed them on the leotard, but it could've been done without the sewing machine completely if one buys double-sided Heat-n-Bond.

Next I needed a mask, and I found these via Pinterest with downloadable templates and a simple tutorial:


Cut out the template and alter it however you feel, or leave as-is if you want one of those superheroes.  For us, none of them were girly enough so I made my own pattern completely based off of a butterfly mask she already had.  We'll add in some tights and maybe some felt armband thingies, and it'll be rockin'!  The total cost is about $2 of felt, with the rest coming from her closet.  Here's what we have so far:

For the boy, he wanted to go with something he knew and loved--Darth Maul.   Would be easy enough to buy, if the costumes weren't all for ages 4 and up.  Apparently little ones don't like Star Wars?  For shame!  The bigger costume would swallow him, and I didn't really love the quality of it either.  So again, I set out on a mission.  Hubby graciously donated two unused black tshirts, and I started chopping.  The cloak was one shirt cut down the front and taken in on the sides/arms.  The hood and tie were made out of the other shirt, basically by trial and error.  It was easier than it sounds, because Darth Maul has a slouchy, unfitted hood.  Since it's stretchy cotton, I don't need to finish any seams and I just cut it as I went!  The finished project was basically free since we had everything already (including face paint that we never ever run out of).  Here he is, without the black underclothes and kick-ass face paint:

As for their candy bags, I did buy them.  BUT I got some reusable, plain orange bags from Ikea for 79cents each and plan on using them every year, which makes future years free!  I am going to Sharpie some pumpkin faces on them, and they'll be perfect!

So there you have it--A basically free Halloween (just under $5) for both kids together!  Not all costumes are this easy to pull out of your arse at home, but the point I'm trying to make is that with a bit of imagination, you can save a lot of money and your kids won't look like every third child on the street!  And even if you're not making the costumes for Halloween, you can make something super cheap just for them to play in year-round.  And you'll never have to feel guilty about them destroying it at the playground.  Yes, my kids do wear shit like this to the playground.  And the grocery store in April.  And the greenway in July.  They're super awesome like that.

What are your kids dressing as this year, and do you have any fun Halloween crafts you're doing with them (or on your own)?

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