Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To Beast, or not to Beast

Spartan Beast, that is.  It's coming up.  All 13ish trail miles and gazillion obstacles of it.  Like, as in, this friggin Saturday.  As in a week earlier than I thought it was for some insane reason.  Or maybe I just wished so much for an extra week that I started to believe it?  If so I didn't manifest it well enough, because the date never changed and now I have four days to figure out if I'm going to destroy myself this weekend or not.  I had planned on being extremely prepared and in excellent shape, but life and illnesses happened and we all know the rest.  So here I am, not even as strong as I was for the Super Spartan.  Here's my assessment of the situation, with pros and cons:

Pros to running the Beast:

--I'll be following through with my word.
--I'll feel super accomplished or something.
--The running part won't be so bad, probably it'll even be fun.
--I'll get one hell of a free race.
--Another tshirt to wear to bed and medal for the boy to play with.
--I'll know better for next year how to really lay the smack down.

Cons to running the Beast:

--The family will do all sorts of fun camping/hiking without me that day.
--I'll have to sleep on the ground that night, which I'm imagining won't be pretty.
--The obstacles will be embarrassing.
--I'm not as physically prepared as I'd like to be, so it may hurt my pride.
--It may also hurt my body.  A lot.
--I'll keep having nightmares about it for the rest of the week.  Yes, nightmares.  Pitiful, huh?

So, what do you think???  It's free and we're camping either way.  Do I follow through and risk being made a total (possibly injured) fool, or do I chicken out but get to hang out with the family? 

Fry and I need your help!


  1. never risk an injury but you can't get hurt doing burpees ;-) so just in case the obstacles are too much nothing says you have to complete them you just have to complete the course. My only advice is that you need to be 100% in or out if you are just doubting (which is normal any time someone gets out of there comfort zone) then pushing your limits and finishing a challenging race and overcoming your fears may be better for you than walking away. And remember Team X.T.R.E.M.E will be at the Carolina Beast.

  2. There should be nothing embarrassing about putting off this race until you have more preparation time. It would however possibly be embarrassing if you do it and injure yourself; and that would put all other training and events to a halt while you recover. The reasons you weren't able to train as intensely as you had planned were that you were busy being a good daughter and a good mother. That, my sweet daughter, is something to be mighty proud of! And don't use the words "chicken out", but rather it should be called being sensible. I'll be extremely proud of any decision you make. Love you!