Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Frosty Morning Long Run

I skipped the weekend long runs for a while due to travel, illness, weather, and hanging out with family.  Now I'm back into my marathon training and I'm being reminded of all the random crap that goes through one's head when she runs alone for over two hours in the cold.  Here are some snippets:

"Ooh, deer!  I need a picture!  Hmm, I'm only on mile 2, maybe they'll be there when I come back..."

"Note to self--don't sing aloud to Tenacious D.  That old lady didn't look like she enjoyed hearing me say the word chode."

"I hope the kids aren't being insane right now."

"Do I smell a cigarette?  At 8am?  On a trail??  I think I may hurl..."

"That dude totally didn't wave back.  Remember his face, he's getting the stink-eye on my next lap!"

"Lap one done.  No one would ever know if I left now and went to Starbucks....."

"Dammit, I should've gone to Starbucks."

"Man, I really think the kids are being insane right now.  Lucky me!"

"Am I chaffing?  It's hard to tell.  My shower may suck later."

"Ooh, the deer are back!  Now my fingers can't bend.  Deer are stupid anyway."

"I'm getting tired.  Omg, that chick is wearing a cotton tank and Vibrams, and she's avoiding the mud.  Got. To. Pass. Her."

 "I seriously think I may be chaffing."

"Poor husband, those kids must be driving him batty.  Maybe I should run farther."

 "Stop looking at my Garmin, stop looking at my Garmin, stop looking at my Garmin..."

"I'm so glad I'm reforming these calluses before sandal season!"

"That squirrel totally just tried to attack me.  Where are the damn deer now!?"

"I love seeing all these walkers out!  They're so much friendlier than the runners."

"Seriously, my hand is dead now.  Can't. Bend. Fingers."

"I'm so glad that I didn't go to Starbucks, that run was awesome!!  I hope the family wants to keep sitting around when I get home!"

Any you'd like to add??  Enjoy your Monday!  This is what we're up to today:

Floor picnicking and relaxing!

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  1. "I'm hungry," "Holy cow, that squirrel sounded like he weighed 600 pounds as he crashed through the leaves!" " I'm hungry" "Who the heck let a rooster loose?" "I'm soooo hungry" "Those guys take a cigarette break every 30 minutes... I know because I finish a lap every 30 minutes!" "I need food now. Real food, not gu! I'm soooo hungry!!!"

    That about sums up my long runs!