Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy blogday and happy birthday!

Here's the debut of HipFitFam, hooray!  And even cooler--it's my big girl's FIFTH birthday today!!!!  In honor of her birthday, I dropped her off at Princess Dance Camp (which is actually quite funky and less sparkly than it sounds) and went on a five mile run.  We have a ton planned for today, and I'm thinking that tonight I'll do another workout, five sets instead of three of the below:

One set for each year she's been in my life, yippee!  Let's hope I can still stand by the end!  As for the rest of the day, we'll be going to Chuck E Cheese (nothing healthy about that, but it IS a special occasion) where the grownups will have the salad bar, and then we'll let her burn some pizza off at TaeKwonDo later.  Unfortunately after that, we have to drop Daddy off at the airport for one of his last (we hope!) trips to Georgia.  Our plans when he gets back--go on vacation, and then join the local YMCA!

So unfortunately, I can't really write much as we've got a busy afternoon ahead, but I promise that this blog will be fun.  For now, read the "Our Fam" page and get to know us and our history a bit better, if you'd like.  And share with a friend!  I'll try to do a fun giveaway within the next few weeks, I'll share babywearing and healthy eating info weekly, I have some AWESOME challenge ideas, and I hope we can all grow together to be healthier, fitter families!  Yay!!!!

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