Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My niece, my next mary, and Mizuno

First off, the kids and I have been having a blast visiting my family in East TN!  We've met my new niece, and she's just beyond perfect.  She's seriously the happiest baby I've ever seen, she actually doesn't cry.  I don't know how to sign up for one of those, but I'd like to at least get my name on the list.  And then there's my sister, who's up and running around like she wasn't in labor six days ago.  The woman brought her family over here and hung out like a rock star.  Of course, she DOES have a non-crying baby, so I can see the connection.

Before we headed over here yesterday, I had just finished eating breakfast and got a text from my crazy Crossfit pal T who told me I "needed to" do part of the Crossfit WOD, which was a 100 burpees for time challenge.  I said of course, since I didn't want to seem the wuss for saying no.  Peer pressure is a bitch.  Then I realized I had zero actual free time.  What to do?  Impromptu burpees, of course!  Eighteen pitiful meatball-heaving minutes later I was finished.  And yes, I ate meatballs for breakfast.  They were in the fridge breakfast meatballs.  Stop judging me.  So although I spent hours in the car, I did get a small(ish) workout thrown in.  I suggest you all do a burpee challege at least once a month.  Your muscles will thank you for it later!

For the rest of the trip, I will be running nightly.  This is the official beginning to marathon training for my fall 7 Bridges Marathon, and I'm super pumped to have a big goal again!  I had soooo much fun with the last one, I've been a total lazy asshole poolside traveling mama since then, and I'm very ready to be back on the bandwagon.  Bring on the miles!!!!

As for the Mizuno part, this is some super cool stuff.  I recently got an email from them introducing a very cool new project called the Mezamashii Run Project.  Mezamashii means "brilliant" in Japanese, and it sounds like a really cool way to get the internet world and Mizuno working together to spread the word about their awesome shoes.  If you read Running Mother, you know that I've always had a love for Mizuno, so I'm allllllll about this.  I've already begged them to become a project member, and I'll be pushing it on all of you for a bit in the near future.  I also just think that stuff like this is so cool.  The interwebs amazes my old arse in it's ability to give people new products and experiences every day.  Go interwebs!  Go to the link I posted, read a bit about the project, and sign up to get an invite.  Even if you don't get invited, you get entered in a drawing for free shoes.  Worth it!

I'll attempt to be back tomorrow with the second edition of Wearable Wednesday, but I can't guarantee things.  I have lots of running, baby snuggling, family visiting, and children photographing to do!

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  1. Glad your sister is doing so well after just having had a baby. She sounds like a tough lady! I'm a big Mizuno fan too and this project is such a great idea!