Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Wow, it's been busy here!!!  To start, Hubby got home on Thursday!  He took the kids to the neighborhood pool, while I got in a trail run in my brand spankin' new pair of Pearl Izumi Peak II's that I won from The Boring Runner.  The shoes are awesome though a tad bit snug, but I'm hoping that they'll stretch some on break-in.  But the run itself was heavenly!  I got to try out a new nature preserve, and it was gorgeous.  Near our house, a small parking fee, and very secluded technical (though not too hilly) trails.  I got bitten by about 481 mosquitoes, but it was well worth it for the stress release. 

Friday, Hubby went to work and we prepared for an awesome weekend.  Our BFF's from Germany live a few hours away and it was their daughter's 5th birthday.  They came to us for FitGirl's bday, and we went to them this time when he got off of work.  It was a weekend full of staying up late, adult beer drinking and deep conversations, kiddo fun at an awesome museum, and tons of yummy food.  We had an absolute blast!!!  We're all extremely exhausted, but we made it home safely and still managed to take Hubby out for Father's Day dinner tonight at an awesome burger/salad joint.  I got one run in yesterday morning, and it's always neat to run in a town I don't know.  It's like going to my very own free race!

Not long after we got home, unfortunately Hubby set out again.  There are two saving aspects of this trip though:  1) We're going to visit my new niece tomorrow and we'll have  great time there, and 2) It's his last major out-of-town trip in this project!!!!!!  It's so totally time for the next little chapter of our life to begin, and we're very glad that it's right in front of us. 

I'm about braindead from such an emotionally and physically charged weekend, so I'll take the kids to the pool again and let them release some travel energy while I zone out in a lounge chair.  But first, a few pics of Hubby being awesome.  We love him to bits, and he's the absolute BEST father that I've ever known!  Happy Father's Day to all those daddies out there, and I hope that you're all having a wonderful family weekend together!

Tough Daddy at the Tough Mudder

Pumped up to outrun zombies.  He seems to hulk out a lot, huh?

The perfect role model for our son!
Best. Daddy.  Ever!!!!!

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