Friday, September 14, 2012

Five things a HipFit mom can't live without

I wanted to do a Fitness Friday, but it's been a crazy day and I'm stuck writing my post in the (parked) car as I wait in the pickup line at the girl's school. So as I ran out of the house with my hands full of the regular stuff, I figured I'd do a unique version of Five Things Friday and tell you what that stuff it is and why it's so dang important for a healthy, eco-conscious mama to have on hand.

1. My ginormous lidded cup. I obviously drink a ton of water, especially on long workout days, but a plain water bottle with plain water gets plain boring. So I got this big mamma jamma:
Bubbly deliciousness!
In it now is bubbly water from our Soda Club machine (loooove), but it also holds my morning protein shake, iced coffee, and iced fruit teas. It keeps me from buying drinks while out, so no wasting money OR plastic bottles!

2. A headband. No, this isn't a plug for myself, especially since I still don't have my Etsy shop open yet and the boy thinks he should use the sewing machine when I turn it on now. I just honestly don't leave home without one on hand. If I don't have time to fix my hair, it saves me. If its windy, I'm set. When I work out, it gives me the extra oomph of being cute and no sweat in the eyes. I lurve them foreva.

3. Mary Kay lip gloss. I don't have big pouty lips, and I'm a messy, quick-moving person, so lipstick is out. But I still like moisture and some sparkle, what girl doesn't?? This does the job. It isn't animal-tested, it doesn't suck the natural moisture out of your lips like some do, and the company supports hard-working, often times stay-at-home moms, yay!  I wear it on that super rare date with hubby and I wear it to the gym and everything in between. I'm wearing it now!

4. Stainless steel water bottle and small snack pack for the kids. Because seriously, the kids are ALWAYS hungry. I generally have pretzels, healthy crackers,twist top applesauce, fruit leather (new addiction), all stuff that isn't bothered by weather.  It keeps me from having to buy them junk food when we're out running errands.  The kids also always backwash, so there's no way they're sharing my drink!  The nice stainless steel bottles (think SIGG, Crocodile Creek, etc) are cute, eco-friendly, and keep the water clean and yummy. My snack pack varies from a handmade baggie to a bpa-free sandwich box to just a bunch of packaged crap floating in my purse.  Not always pretty, but prettier than a hungry child!
This is my kitchen, I get to finish the post at home!
5.  My mini first aid kit.  These two kids are wild ones--they love to get dirty and raise hell.  It's awesome and fun for sure, and I could care less if they're filthy (filthy = happy, right?) but sometimes it just doesn't end well.  If I don't have cute band aids and a little alcohol cleaning wipe at all times, I'm probably screwed.  Often, I'm giving them away to another mom, which means I can save the day.  And saving the day is fun!  I don't keep much more than that in there, so I can put the case in even my smallest bag.  Good ideas for a small case that you already have at home--plastic baggie, snack container, tiny hotel sewing kit.  Mine was a cheap case given by hubby's company, smaller than my hand.  Perfect!

There you go, a few things I never leave home without.  And except for my big drink, they all fit in my not-very-big shoulder bag with all of my other random junk.  You don't need tons of space to always be prepared!

What are your go-to's?  I'd love to find more crap to need!  Have a happy weekend, and enjoy the beginnings of Fall!!!

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