Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whiny Wednesday

Well, hubby is gone yet again.  Another business trip, like last week.  The kids are super duper bummed, but at least the older one understands.  And when we pick him up from the airport, we'll head straight to TN to visit family, so they're looking forward to that!

Until then it will be a lot of distractions for the boy during the day while sister is at school.  He doesn't seem to enjoy the Y lately, so I have to get my running in with the jogger and miss out on my classes.  Thank goodness for fabulous weather right now!  I missed out on my workout yesterday, and add in hubby leaving, it's put me in a poopy mood.  I believe that after the library today we'll hit the greenway for some much needed mileage.  Bring it on!

On to my next whiny thought--it's been a few days since my Facebook sabbatical, and so far I'm mostly just feeling lonely.  I don't really know why I actually expected to get email and text greetings flooding in, but a little something would be really awesome (hint, hint).  I kinda feel like most people just stay friends with me to see posts on my freakishly cute kids.  My poop mood probably boils down to no hubby here, major PMS, and too much time spent in online relationships instead of living in my own space.  I need to get me some real, local friends.  Like, now.  Unfortunately that would require me to be social, which I'm not good at and don't have much time for.  How do stay-at-home moms who parent so actively (and in a more holistic, non-mainstream sort of way) make friends?  Any suggestions for me?  I would love to run with the local groups, but that would mean less time for family and hubby in the evenings.  I found a local "natural moms" group, but most of the events are aimed at babies right now.  I guess I'll just set a time for the playground, announce it, and hope that some of them show up??  It could work. 

True story.

I've also tried to start a local Moms RUN This Town, but so far it's got very little interest.  Probably because I don't know anyone, huh?  Funny how that works.  Maybe I'll just put a big sticker on my back that says "running hippie mom needs friends, apply now!" and hope for some bites.

On a lighter note, not having to read ridiculously negative Facebook posts has been nice.  I can see only my fun, uplifting fitness pages and it's been refreshing.  Now to apply all those awesome tips in my workout routine, and I'll be all set!  After all, the Spartan Beast is only a MONTH away!!!!!  Plus, I'm giving the sweet boy a lot more much-needed attention now that sister is gone all day.  We're enjoying the snuggle time.

So fitness moms, let me know how you get your social and workout needs met without neglecting your family.  This anti-social goofball needs all the help she can get!


  1. I am sorry you are feeling down. I am struggling to find friends as well. I saw a bumper sticker at the school yesterday that said "runner girl." I almost camped out waiting for her to get back to her car. I have met some neighbors, but I haven't made any real connections. I am impressed that you could give up facebook. I spend way too much time there, but, like you, it is my connection to my friends.

    I hope that the rest of your week picks up. (((hugs)))

    1. Oh man, I'm sorry you're there too. It's not a fun place. I've wanted to stalk a few people that run past my house recently, it's funny how desperate we feel at times, huh? :P

  2. Play dates are a great way to meet other Mamas ;)

    get you some Vitamin D to help when the season shifts (I started taking 5-HTP and it helps too).

    Miss ya! Yeah, the cute kiddos, but YOU too! <3

    1. You have to have someone to make a playdate with, that's the part I'm missing. :P And thanks. :)