Thursday, September 20, 2012

Three Things Thursday, Debbie Downer edition

1.  My father was taken to the hospital on Tuesday for a severe seizure.  He was getting ready to see his doc to get the beginnings of his cultures done for an esophageal cancer screening, and before they could make it to the car they had to call 911.  He also went into kidney failure and his blood pressure wouldn't stabilize.  He's still in ICU now, but his kidneys are finally functioning again and his blood pressure is holding stable, plus they say that he physically LOOKS a bit better.  Everything is a win at this point.  I've had a rocky relationship with my father in the past, but we've reconciled and started to rebuild over the past few years, and I really want to spend more time getting to know him again.  He's a good man, and hopefully he'll keep fighting as hard as he has been and he'll come out of it.  But there's no way to know, we can just keep hoping and praying right now.  Please keep him in your thoughts.

2.  Before that (and still) I've had a sick toddler, so my life has been workout-less completely.  Whatever.  I'll get back on it when I get back on it, and hopefully this weekend I'll be attending a super awesome Women's Half Marathon with two of my best friends instead of flying in last-minute to California for bad news.  If I make it to that race, every step I run on Saturday will be sending my healing thoughts to my father.  I hope it helps.

3.  I have more suckiness than this in my life right now, but there's no point in talking about it all.  So, number three is for you to fill in with something that doesn't suck.  Leave me a comment with something awesome that is happening for you right now.  I love to hear successes and happinesses (is that a word?) from the people around me.  And that's not being fake or trite, I seriously just like seeing those I care about be happy.  Plus, maybe your positivity will rub off on me, so give it a try...tell me something great!

(This is where I'd put a picture of my dad that I had from our get-together last year, but some asshole hacked my computer a while back and I just found out that my photo folder is empty.  Because I need more crappiness right now, right??)


  1. Let's see, what is good with me currently? Um, well I wore my training suit from college to swim practice last night, that was kind of a pick me up (esp considering I graduated in 2000.)

    I will be thinking good thoughts for you and your Dad and sending prayers your way!

  2. Here's something good with you - you write a blog that inspires a lot of other people you don't even know in their efforts to build a healthier, more active family life. You're sort of a big deal! Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you now.

  3. What's new and good? I'm starting to get back into my groove in regards to my business. Seeing what you have been doing has been quite an inspiration! Thank you!

    Your family will be in my thoughts <3

  4. I know we haven't met but I love reading about you, Don and the kids! I think you are a great mom and you inspire me to do more! I've taken up sewing again and you inspired that from afar. :) I've had two job offers in the past week when I wasn't even looking for one. The colors of fall are popping up around here and it is beautiful! The crisp air of fall is one of my favorite parts. Next week Greg and I celebrate 14 years of marriage. Hope you have a fabulous day!