Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We certainly did.  It was our first weekend at home in quite a while, and we took full advantage of it.  It started off with building a small fire outside and watching the kids play.  I even had to put long pants on!  I looooove the feeling of Fall on it's way!

Saturday, we took Annalie to TaeKwonDo.  She recently got her yellow belt, which was a huge accomplishment!  Unfortunately, she was really intimidated by the yellow belt class.  She's no longer in the "Litter Tiger" group, so yellow belt means harder moves plus older kids. She sat out both classes last week and pouted, as we all tried to convince her that it looked awesome (it really does).  Her favorite junior leader, a sweet 10-year-old green belt, chatted with her and tried to up her confidence.  She promised to come to class with her on Saturday, how sweet!  Between her and a tiny bribe on our part (I never planned to bribe pre-kids, but damn it's helpful sometimes), we convinced her to just give it a try and go from there.  She tried a few minutes and was hooked.  By the end of class, she was her usual bouncy self and had learned an awesome new fly-through-the-air kick.  She was proud of herself (and so were we!) for overcoming her fears, even if it did take an extra little push of the "new toy" variety.  Hey man, it was her own money she spent.  Don't judge.

 Testing day.  My kid kicks butt!

Saturday evening was football, pizza, wings, and more outdoor play.  This time I even wore a sweater.  Absolute heaven.

Sunday, I woke up extra early, which is getting easier now that I have to wake up at 0'dark thirty for school days.  I got dressed and decided that I would run until it hurt.  I haven't run over 15 miles in a month or so, and I don't have a marathon on schedule right now because of other commitments, but I just wanted to see what I had in me.  I was aiming for 18 miles.  With a forecast of 68 degrees, I thought it could actually be accomplished.  I was right!  I had my neck working against me, as it stiffened up on Saturday morning after a 10-minute burpee fest.  But as long as I was looking forward, I was good to go.  The last two miles were fairly tough, but I pushed them out without walking any of it (did take two water/potty breaks though) and came home to clean up and nap.  The rest of the family hit up the pool and froze themselves, and then we all spent the evening playing in the back yard and grilling.  It was perfect!

So yeah, Fall is totally on it's way!  And we're taking full advantage of it here.  What about you?  Tell me how your weekend was and how you're adjusting to the fantabulous weather changes!

Our new pal, "Stripey Legs", seems to like the weather too.  Eek!

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