Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Things Thursday--Forward Motion

1.  I am going to be making my blog a bit more about my personal life from now on, probably.  I usually tend to stick with the fitness stuff and throw in some family, but I'm going to talk more about my totally kick-ass family now!  One reason is because we're all super cool, but the biggest reason is because I'm trying to distance myself personally from Facebook but I still want my close friends/family to hear about the kids.  I'll keep up my HipFitFam page, but not my personal one for a while.  Reasons why:

     -I have a lot going on right now.  A LOT.  And I want to spend time doing it all, not staring at mindless
     -The boy is having a hard time dealing with his sister being at school, and he needs extra attention right
     -Political hatefulness is annoying.  Period.

About that final statement, apparently some have taken it to mean that I think people should suppress their beliefs.  Not at all!!  I don't care if you shout it from the rooftops. wear signs, tattoo it on your ass, whatever.  I just feel that so much has turned from "I believe this because...(thoughtful, researched points presented)" into the present "I think this person is a complete dickwad because...(put in a bunch of emotionally driven mean shit)".  I simply don't think it accomplishes anything but a headache for the writer and the readers.  If you still want to be like that, cool with me.  I just don't feel like reading it, and it harshes my mellow, dude.  I walk away, win for us all!

2.  On to happy stuff--I have some really exciting stuff in the works with Endure to Cure!  I spoke to the founder/president on the phone yesterday, and it looks like I'll be able to take a much larger role in the organization.  I'm beyond stoked!!!!  I already have a few ideas brewing, and I think that I can help E2C make even more of a difference for so many sweet kiddos.  Next step--start recruiting new members and planning some possible team events!

3.  Running--My run today kicked some butt.  It didn't have a fighting chance at first, but I made it great.  It was 95% humidity when I left the house, and I decided to go to the gym.  The boy was cool with that, until he fell asleep after approximately 12 seconds in the car.  Doh!  So on we went to the greenway in hopes that it wouldn't rain and that he'd stay asleep for car-to-jogger transfer.  Both worked!  It was soooooooo humid and I somehow managed to eat a mosquito (which is just so gross I don't want to think about it), but the run itself was excellent.  I felt STRONG.  It could be from my recent excitement and big decisions, or from my growing leg muscles, but either way I'll take it.  I did a 5k in less time than I did last year without a jogger, and finished my five miles with a smile.  I can't wait for it to cool off and be less disgustingly wet, and I'll be tearing it up out there!!!

Have a happy Thursday, and never stop trying to grow and learn and create love and joy for all around you!

Silliness at the greenway :)

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